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The Training Centre was founded on the belief that every student has the ability to learn.

Over the past years, our expert tutors and mentors have helped hundreds of students to develop their skills, aptitudes, professional & academic knowledge to make them ready for a successful professional career. We love celebrating those victories with our students. As an East London College, we simply did not serve students in London, we also provided successful career solution for students throughout UK and Europe through Online courses and Distance Learning.

Since establishment in 2013, we have continuously going beyond expectations to ensure our students are well equipped to develop their career further and make them ready for 21st century challenges.

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What does our Client say about the project?
Annel Ketcha
Osborne Training
IT Manager

Choosing someone to design a website can be a daunting process! Having initially made the wrong choice in web designer, I cautiously approached Dream Web Optic who was most helpful on the first contact. They designed a website for us and I’m delighted with the result.

Samsul Arefin
Colliford Tavern

A very professional and thorough approach to all aspects of the design, programming, and content management system given the due effort they each deserved. Thoroughly recommend them.

Jubaer Shahriar
Lloyds Clifford Solicitors

Dream Web Optic have built my website with a professional sleek look at an affordable price. Being able to have control over content is a must and they make this so easy and are always there when you need a hand.

Mahbubur Rahman
The Skill Academy

Dream Web Optic cares and listens to their customers. That ensures our needs are met. We could ask for more. But more is what we always get with friendly service and eagerness to really help with suggestions.

Our portfolio companies are spread across a range of sectors, from stable company to early-stage businesses or company selling their products online or take away restaurant to bread and breakfast company. 
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